Sunday, October 4, 2009

We need your help to make things better!

Hi! The Association For Better Mental Health is moving along in leaps and bounds in fulfilling our mission of ensuring no person with mental illness suffers in silence. Of course it's a huge job, especially when you consider approximately 1.75 billion people at anyone time are experiencing some form of mental illness in the world - from depression and anxiety right through to paranoia, schizophrenia and attempts at suicide.

As founder of the Association I want to make sure I'm on track with what members want. If you visit my web site you can see that we have over 1,500 members and growing everyday. As the long time saying says "There is power in numbers" and I know when I formed the Association that I could make more changes to the world mental health scene if I had on board a lot of similar thinking people, than if I tried to go it alone.

So your input is vital. Could you spend a few minutes answering the following questions? When you have finished could you copy and paste them into an email and send it to email Mark (

1. Is it a good idea to offer members financial assistance such as the current offer to give a cash gift of $20,000 to help improve the quality of life for someone with mental illness? YES/NO

2. Is it a good idea to extend our reach to help those very disadvantaged, such as Bali residents where those with mental illness are sometimes chained up at home 24 hours a day? YES/NO

3. Do we need more of an interactive blog so that members can increase their chat with each other? YES/NO

4. What do you think should be our next project to help those with mental health issues (you and I)? I THINK THE NEXT PROJECT SHOULD BE

5. What will make this a better site and Association so that we can attract more members? What would you like to see included? I WOULD LIKE INCLUDED

Remember to copy and pasted this blog into an email with your answers and suggestions. I and the Association members will greatly appreciate your input.

HINT: To copy and paste - at the beginning of this blog put your mouse over the first word (Hi!) - left click - hold down the left click and drag the mouse to the end of this blog - then right click and choose 'copy' - then open your email and in the body (where your write your emails) right click and choose 'paste'.


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